April 28, 2017

How to prepare yourself before trekking in Nepal?

It isn’t a less known fact that Nepal is among those top trekking paradises considered for absolute adventures and a place for utmost assimilation with the creative variations of the nature. Surely, one can come up with the eyes full of dreams and enthusiasm and have them fully satisfied, walking countless miles of adventures in the land of Nepal. It is obvious that every adventurous person treks, but nothing feels more precious than doing that with conscious preparation beforehand. Therefore, before trekking in any vicinity of Nepal, there are certain things you should know and thereby prepare yourself for the most satisfactory and unobstructed trek experience.
If you are a first timer in Nepal, you should know the basic thing that the trekking usually progresses from lower altitude to the highest possible altitude you can cover. On a kind note, the most preferred trekking routes ultimately leads you to the foothills of various Himalayas in Nepal like Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Kanchenjunga and many more. So, it is obvious that you will barely be having the luxury of rest despite continuous and vertically-inclined hikes for maximum 6-7 hours a day. You probably know what it means: prior to your trekking days, it is a must that you try walking long distances progressing in a consecutive manner, which not only develops your stamina for the trek but also makes your mind and body all set to endure any hardships or challenges during the trek.
Effective bag-packing is another crucial pre-requisite for trekking in Nepal. Since you are making a journey with many unseen circumstances and consequences, that too, in a foreign land, you should make sure that nothing is missed out that can possibly obstruct your trekking needs. From clothing to medications and all other necessary stuffs required for cold and high altitude trekking, you should better not compromise anything, so that you can have anything whenever you get hectic from the tiring walks.
The next things you should thoroughly check time and again are your trekking permits, necessary documents and insurance papers. If you are hesitant to show them as evidence whenever they are required, it can probably create a difficult hindrance meanwhile in the trekking. One of the appropriate methods to secure that is to hire professional guides who can inform and instruct you about all those necessary documents you should keep while trekking.
Once your mind and body assures you that you are ready for the trekking, it would be wise if you take it lightly and go with the flow. One thing, you should never rush on reaching to the destination until and unless your body is not prepared for it. Since you are supposed to trek in the higher altitudes, you will clearly notice the thinning of air and utterly cold temperature. Proper acclimatization is something you should not neglect in order to adjust your body accordingly with the change in climatic conditions.

Thus, these are some of the major pre-requisites you must know and adopt before and while trekking to higher altitudes in Nepal. These help you to experience the true essence of less difficult and most probably, the smooth trek, rewarding you all the satisfactions that so-called a perfect trek can offer you at it’s best.

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