April 21, 2017

The advantages of small group trekking to the Everest Base Camp

Trekking independently indeed is not fun when you walk your way alone and especially when things go wrong, you won’t probably get a lending hand for your help. But, guess what’s more worse? Trekking in large crowd of groups! Though this might not seem obligatory to all the people’s natures, what can be assured is that, there are far more advantages of small group trek over the large ones. You will certainly get the maximum perks to assimilate yourself with the vast horizons of Nepal on the way to your ultimate terminus with the small number of your fellow trekkers who intend to reach the same destination as you; and the similar path you choose to cover.
Firstly, small group trek only consists of very limited number of trekkers due to which you will get opportunities to explore different cultural and natural heritages more precisely and abundantly along the trials of the Everest Base Camp. Not only that, you will also have sufficient time to participate in the cultural rituals and indigenous recreational activities of Nepal which in large trek group is seldom possible as the guide cannot make all the trekkers do so due to variations in their  interests  and rush of time as well. Secondly, trekking in a small group, you can easily make good bonding with other trekkers in the group who will be with you during the entire journey. Small group size ultimately gives more possibilities to interaction despite different backgrounds. So, making friends is quite easier in small group trekking which will further make your journey filled with mutual happiness and coordination. Thirdly, one of the advantageous facts trekking with small group is when any difficult situation crops up either due to weather changes, difficulty in time management or unavailability of accommodation, plans and decisions can be made within no time with mutual discussion which certainly is quite problematic and time-consuming in large trekking groups due to mixed opinions causing frequent disapprovals. Fourthly, the guides are moderately praiseworthy in terms of their service and guidance in small group treks. That is solely because of the small number of trekkers in the group which allows him to take care of and guide each and every individual in the group. Moreover, it will be convenient for the guide to provide all the information as much as he can to small group which will eventually benefit you in mustering so many information and experiences in relatively short amount of time. Finally, the best part of trekking in a small group is you will be getting remarkable time to relax on the track to Everest Base Camp despite the remaining walk of several miles as the trekking schedules remain consistent and undisturbed in small group of people. On the other side, in large group trek, the schedule won’t get a consistent mode unless the presence of all the trekkers in one point.

Thus, trekking to the Everest Base Camp in small or large group, you have the complete freedom of choice. However, you can’t easily neglect the wide ranges of advantages of small group trekking and rush over to large group in with the motive to same time and money which may make you a disappointed trekker later. So, prior to trekking with any agency, you should first be sure that the number of trekkers in your batch is small so that you can enjoy every advantage mentioned above.

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