April 21, 2017

Sightseeing in Kathmandu: Refreshment before trekking

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, a city of temples, a city of mesmerizing opulent of heritages, a city of diversity and moreover the city that represents entire kinds of population residing all over the country; and most certainly is your initial point of reminiscing and adventurous trekking in Nepal. Kathmandu can be taken as your striding point of lifetime journey to any vicinity you choose to trip or trek around Nepal. Therefore, sightseeing in Kathmandu indeed is a great perk to mark the beginning of your trek with ultimate joys and explore the blueprint of what you can actually anticipate from rest of your trek.
After spending the arrival day in one of designated hotel in Kathmandu, the next day of your trip itinerary is all about sightseeing around different famous heritages in Nepal, especially those which are enlisted as world heritage sites by UNESCO.  The major sites you will visit during this day are Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Swayambhunath and Bhaktapur Durbar square.
Pashupatinath: Pashupatinath is one of the most famous Hindu temples in Nepal. There are several ancient structured temples of lord Shiva who is worshipped with great belief and faith by the Hindu pilgrims. The temple is located on the bank of holy river, Bagmati and also signified as a place for funeral pyres. The site will be a great arena to explore all the myths and rituals related to Hinduism.
Boudhanath: Bouddhanath is considered as one of the biggest Buddhist shrines in the whole world. The site is considered as a famous buddhist pilgrimage where you can see large numbers of Buddhist monks worshipping around the stupa. This place will provide you the essence of peace and power of prayers.
Swayambhunath: Swayambhunath is among one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The place is enriched with varieties of stupas/shrines and temples giving a splendid outlook to the site. Since Swayambhunath is located atop a hill, it is one of the best place to view the scenic surrounding of the entire Kathmandu valley.
Bhaktapur Durbar Square: Bhaktapur Durbar square can be one of the most informative destinations in Kathmandu valley where you will get to see the specimen of various temples, palaces, pati and pauwa built by several Malla kings in Nepal during the ancient time. Those structures are carved and built with specific Shikhara and Pagoda styles with fetching attractions. They give you the flashback of ancient arts, architecture and sculpture of Nepal.

Thus, above mentioned are the obvious sites that you will be spending an entire day to visit. However, depending upon your interest and preference, you can select the sites you prefer to visit the most. Besides them, you will also get to see many places around Kathmandu that gives you great refreshment and also prepares you for further trip. Whether it’s Everest Base camp trek or Upper Mustang Trek taking around 19 days, sightseeing in Kathmandu grants you with the energetic stride to your adventurous trek.

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