April 21, 2017

Taking the longest route to Everest Base camp: Everest Base camp trek via Jiri

Endeavoring your footsteps through extreme landscapes and weather conditions towards the base of the Mt. Everest is indeed a rare and privileged opportunity to witness the world’s tallest mountain with your own eyes. Even more, the jubilant joy you can gain following the trails that are explored by only few trekkers is something that enhance the extremely proudest adventures of trekking in Nepal. Trekking to Everest Base Camp via Jiri lets you experience the exact quintessence of covering the distance with your feet that only less had done. This is to say that Everest base camp trek via Jiri is a less chosen trek route due to longer trails and duration it consumes; however those seeking for abundance of adventures assimilating themselves in the scenic landscapes of Eastern Nepal are sure to choose this route.
Deciding to trek via Jiri to EBC, the journey initially starts from Kathmandu. For your kind information, the journey of Everest Base Camp trek via Jiri wholly takes maximum of 23 days that are indeed worth to have splendid and extended trekking experience. As you fly from Kathmandu to Jiri, the true fun of your adventurous trek strides from the very moment enhanced by the great scenarios of fetching land topographies, scattered gorges and torrential rivers, indigenous rural settlement, pristine nature and culture and more. The best perk is when you progress through the altitude accompanied by the invigorating energy you can feel from the scenic panorama of Himalayan ranges of Nepal. Choosing this long route is additionally worthy as you get to see the real charm of unspoiled rural life and their way of lifestyle despite countless hardships. Besides, you also get to fully assimilate yourself with the vast and incredible ecological and environmental diversities along the trail to EBC. Unlike short route, trekking via Jiri also offers you extended acclimatization process keeping your body condition comfortably stable in upper altitudes. All in all, trekking to EBC via Jiri not only mesmerize you with the scenic beauty, but also relieves you with worthy experiences of extended adventurous trek.

In addition, though taking long route can probably cost you little extra and also adds some more days of trekking, the adventures and memories you gather from the journey are eventually priceless, creating lifetime reminiscences. With the victory over countless miles to the ultimate destination of EBC, the route is equally going to add remarkable chapters to your successful trek.

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