April 21, 2017

Nepal Trekking Adventure

Nepal is conceivably the most popular and preferred trekking destination in the world since the country is arguably very rich in many natural and cultural heritages that are known to majority of the people around the globe. It is a country boasting 8 out of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world, torrential rivers flowing along the plains from the mighty Himalayas, thick and lush green forests and splendidly structured landscapes. Therefore, Nepal is ranked as one of the best destinations for trekking, rafting, caving, mountain expedition, mountain biking and more. In other words, the country is a complete definition of what “adventure” is exactly described as. Thus, it won’t be doubtful to assert that trekking in Nepal is indeed a rare and privileged opportunity to explore the most out of the adventurous moment you live there.
As asserted above, you won’t be left untouched with certain adventures frequently once you land in Nepal. Whatever or whichever adventure modes you crave for, you are thereby granted with the all the wonders of natural heritages and settings that the country can let you witness at your best. Amongst such, Everest Base Camp trekking of approximately 17 days is one of greatest adventures you can experience in your lifetime. Taking you from the average altitude to the highest possible altitude that your feet had ever covered, the trek lets you experience the trueness of Nepal, the joy of assimilating yourselves with the indigenous cultures and rural lifestyle of people and ultimately the pleasant hardships of succeeding through the peculiar landscapes of Nepal to the foot of world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest. Annapurna Base Camp trek of 13 days is another trekking option in Nepal that bestows you the similar adventures as you proceed through the altitudes exploring the colloquial beauty and diversities of every vicinity you reach. As most of the mountaineering treks, this too offers scenic and adventurous trails eventually leading to jubilant conquer over the steep land altitudes. As a fact, this is just a minor glimpse of adventure you can gain from trekking to mountains in Nepal. It is believed that the attractions in Nepal are so abundant that they can’t be fully explored even in one’s entire life. However, tripping to some significant places in Nepal is just more than enough to extract utmost adventures from your trip: for instance, Upper Mustang trek/19 days is one of such trekking itineraries that is no less than any other trekking adventures to give you the most of what you can excessively scrutinize in the land of Nepal.

Additionally, mountaineering or high-altitude trekking aren’t the only mediums to get the maximum of Nepal trekking adventures. If you aren’t so fond of hiking, then too, Nepal is the perfect place for sightseeing, Jungle safari, rafting, boating and many more. Similar to high-altitude trekking, these all recreations mean adventure! ADVENTURE- the major aim of your trek.

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