April 21, 2017

Major things you require for upper Mustang trek

Trekking in Nepal or perhaps trekking to the forbidden kingdom, once isolated away from the rest of the world, upper Mustang is indeed a rare privilege. The trek assimilates your mind and soul with the fascinating landscapes of uneven rocks and paved stones, scenic surroundings hidden behind the Himalayas, diversely erected monasteries and shrines, peculiar topography and moreover the lifestyle of true mountain people. Upper Mustang trek usually takes 19 days for up and down with obvious routes and slight uphills. When you have finally decided to bear the trouble to reach such isolated and preserved region, it is a must to know what things you will indispensably need during the trek.
First and foremost, appropriate and light weighted trekking gears are the most essential things you need to prepare for your trek. Since Mustang is often probable to be affected by harsh winds from the mountains, you should carry a light windproof jacket to avoid cold in your body. Also, as you proceed through higher altitudes, you will also need either a sweater or a fleece; that too should be as light as possible so that you won’t be bothered with extreme loads. Adjustable stick is another prime important thing you shouldn’t miss to carry with you. Since you will be trekking 4-5 hours per day, the stick will greatly assist you to move on. Similarly, a trekking boot or preferably walking/running shoes is another essential gear for the trek providing you comfortable and consistent walk during the entire trek. Rucksack, another important thing you shouldn’t hesitate carrying with you which helps to equally distribute the weight all over your body so that you will be able to hike for longer distance with less chances of fatigues or tiredness.  Saving utmost energy and keeping your body hydrated all the time is also equally important while trekking to higher altitudes in upper Mustang. Therefore, you should carry some energy bars (Chocolates) and a water bottle to give consistency in hiking and keeping your body hydrated respectively. Though the weather is quite cold, when the sun is up during the noon, the heat is likely to burn your skin. So, carrying a sun screen lotion would be a great decision to protect yourself from the sunburn. As the day progresses, the weather becomes quite windy in the region of upper Mustang for which a light scarf would be handy enough to carry and get rid of dust and harsh winds. At the same instant, sunglasses would be vitally important to protect your eyes from the dust and wind. Nevertheless to say, struggling up to there and returning back without capturing any moments can undoubtedly be the worst thing ever. Thus, including a camera as a part of your gear is a must to confiscate each and every adventure you gather from the very beginning strides to the ultimate terminus.

Thus, the above mentioned things are some major gears you shouldn’t miss out white trekking to the region of upper Mustang. Serving you with convenient and adventurous trekking experiences, these gears add more consistency and efficiency to your trip.

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