April 23, 2017

Adventurous trekking in Nepal

Climb mountains, not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world. Travelling, by far is one of the most desirable passions of majority of people around the globe. They travel to different places around the world through different means. But, what could be more joyous than experiencing the jubilant hardships and difficulties in the voyage so called as trekking of endless miles covered with your own feet? It is said that, you take an angry man to the Himalayas, he just starts complaining about the food and tiring journey leaving all the negativities behind: nowhere is magical unless you can bring the right eyes to it. This is what enhances the true essence of adventurous trekking in Nepal.
Undoubtedly, Nepal boasts numerous supremely gifted natural and cultural heritages, thick and exuberant jungles, and asymmetrical yet fetching topographies with the marvelous ranges of ever shining White Mountains at the top, which are more than enough to spiritually touch and feel the appearance of nature itself. Moreover, mellifluous sound of perennial flowing rivers never fails to serve you invigorating energy till to the terminus of every trekker, Everest base camp trek taking approximately 14 days of your trekking period. It is believed that reaching out even to the minimal point of mountains in Nepal will create a majestic pleasure to your reminiscing journey. Making up to the base camps of famous mountains like Mt. Everest and Annapurna; you not only get perks to see the fascinating and enormity view of shining mountains, but also acquire the reminiscing experience of upper inclined trekking struggles from plain Terai through steep terrains of hilly region ultimately leading to the most splendid residence of Himalayas. Specifically, trekkers with mountaineering motive have their straight forward aim to catch either Annapurna Base Camp trek lasting approximately 13 days or previously mentioned Everest Base Camp trek. Other than that, trekkers who are contented with the greeneries of Hilly area have several alternatives of trekking alongside to the places like national parks, lakes, glaciers, hill stations and so on. However, you must have realized that in every walk with the nature, you get to find more than you seek, so, you might not obviously want to limit your extremely desired journey which eventually leads you to the path to Himalayas for unanticipated trekking adventures. You have therefore boundless places to explore and multiple reasons to shout out proudly, trekking in Nepal to the extreme level of stairs of obstacles making it to the altitude of highest mountains.

Thus, whether Mt. Everest or Annapurna Base Camp trek, if you are an adventurous person, there is probably no way you can lament on trekking from the lowest to the highest altitude of Nepal, for the country has it all to content you with a pleasantly haunting trekking experience with the blend of unanticipated and tiring journey leading to the most adventurous trekking experience. 

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