April 21, 2017

Preparing basic gears for Everest base camp trek

Everest base camp trekking of approx. 14-17 days is a demanding, and at the same time a rewarding adventure of witnessing the proximate view of the highest peak in the world at your best. Requiring severe struggles of countless walks over deadly trails and fighting against extreme conditions of dry air, strong sun, cold and wind, you can only create a jubilant victory over the altitudes if you are well-prepared to face everything that comes on your way. However, you cannot solely face those challenges unless you are prepared with appropriate equipments and gears. Thus, the right gear and equipment not only helps you to move on no matter what, but also ensures your safety and make your trek to EBC more comfortable and easier to complete.
If this is your first time trekking to Everest base camp, you should be friendly with some basic gears quintessential during the trek. An appropriate-weighted bag pack is one of prime requirement to comfortably carry your necessary stuffs like camera, water bottle, extra clothes and so on. An extra large-sized Duffle bag along with a lock is also equally important during the trek to pack rest of the things essential for the trek. Since the entire trek is going to be covered with your own feet and labor, you will possibly need to change your dresses over the time, so, it will be great if you carry some plastic bags or portable sacks to store dirty laundry. Trekking poles or adjustable sticks are other essential gears you shouldn’t miss out during the trek. These will prove to be extremely helpful when you need to frequently hike uphills and downhills. For accommodation during night, guest houses will be only providing blankets which won’t be sufficient enough to protect yourself from the extreme cold. Therefore, you should pack at least 2 sleeping bags per individual (-10° for teahouse lodging and -20° for tented camping. Next thing is, it will be better if you carry some trekking towels with you (1 large towel, 1 medium towel and few wash clothes) which will be frequently used to wipe your skin during long hours trek.

To sum up, preparing with the effective and appropriate gears is equally as important as trekking to Everest base camp. Since Everest base camp trek takes you around 14 days in minimum with continuous hiking, you will barely enjoy rest in such severe conditions. However, if you are prepared with all the required gears, the trek won’t be harsh and unfriendly as you expect.

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