April 21, 2017

Cost breakdown and budget for Everest Base Camp: from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp

Having a thought of trekking to the Everest Base Camp comes up with lots of preparations and considerations. On top of everything, you can probably guess that the major thing before preparing for the trek would be the budget. Ever wondered how much does it costs for reaching to EBC from Kathmandu? Below is a complete cost breakdown that can be an ultimate aid for you to plan a complete budget for your trek:
Flight’s cost from Kathmandu to Lukla: Kathmandu is considered as the starting point of your trek to EBC, from where you will be flying to Lukla. The one-way airfare expense from Kathmandu to Lukla generally costs USD$180-USD$190 as on 2017 AD.
Temporary guide or porter charge: Since you are on a trek to completely new vicinity, you cannot carry your heavy belongings all the way long or find your way on your own. So, you will face essential need of a guide or porter for a short term as you will be having a next guide from another point of distance. Guide or porter charge varies depending upon the working rates of them. However, the general cost ranges from $90-$100.
Travel Insurance for Trek: Trek to EBC is somehow an uncertain trek where anything can happen to you because of the high altitude and extremely cold weather. In some case, you will be in urgent need for helicopter evacuation when your body doesn’t support you up to your destination which alone costs USD$5000, that too without any treatment or in-flight medical services. Thus, for both trekking and travelling, you need to catch up with an appropriate travel insurance policy that covers your insurance up to an altitude over 5,000m.This approximately costs________.
Accommodation Cost on the Everest Base Camp trek: Since it is not a one day trek, you will be needing accommodation more often the trial to your trek. Accommodation cost varies from low end tea houses to high trial and off-peak season to peak seasons. The accommodation charge in low end tea house can be as low as Nrs.100-200 and can reach up to Nrs.1000 as you progress through your trekking trial. Also, during off-peak season, the charge can be low and still bargained while in peak season, not only the charge is high, but it will be more difficult to find rooms. The average accommodation cost along the EBC route can be from $2 to $6. Further information to be noted is that you will be paying extra for hot water shower, i.e Nrs.200-400 and the same range of another hourly cost for recharging your battery devices. Nonetheless to mention, if you prefer high class accommodation, there are standard lodges too charging $100-$300 per night.
Water and meals’ cost in EBC trek: There are significant variations in the prices of meals and water too from low end tea houses to high end tea houses. You are probably going to pay from as low as Nrs.200 to as high as Nrs.800 for simple Nepali food (Daal Bhat). Similarly, for a one liter water bottle, you will be paying from as low as Nrs.50 to as high as Nrs.200.
Permits’ charge for the EBC trek: Paying charge for permits is mandatory before you head for the EBC trek. It is free for Nepalese, Nrs.1500 for SAARC citizens and Nrs.3000 for other foreigners including 13% VAT. These charges can be paid at the Tourist Service Centre, Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. Besides, you are also required to pay Nrs.2000 for Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) card. However, if you are trekking with an agency, you will be only paying Nrs.1000.
Porter’s Cost: You can easily find many local porters along the way to Everest base camp. You will greatly need them after your interim guide/porter serves you to a certain distance and time. Porters along the way too have variations in their working rates depending upon the off-season or peak season. Approximately, their average working charge $15-$20 per day. If your porter does some guide too, the general charge will be $20-$25 per day.
Cost of guide on the EBC trek: Getting a decent and informative guide is a must if you want to trek along with perks of exploring natural and cultural aspects of Nepal from a very close distance. So, you should also know the cost of them which you will be paying on per day basis. The cost of guide can be as low as around $20 per day while the average cost can be around $30 per day. On the same account, you will also get adequately experienced and professional guides who charge $50+ per day for their service. If you have no hesitation affording them, you will be finding more benefits on their guiding techniques since they prioritize in many important things like your safety, proper routes, and suitability of environmental and weather conditions and so on.

Thus, these were some major cost-breakdowns realizing the obvious symmetry of the Everest Base Camp trek. Excluding your extra personal expenses, the above cost-breakdown can be beneficial for you in determining the budget for your trek.

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