May 23, 2017

Finding the best trekking agencies in Nepal

“Which trekking agency should I choose?”, “Which are the best trekking agencies in Nepal?” These are perhaps some of the obvious questions that every tourist visiting Nepal stresses about more often. Well, it is a fact that trekking with the best agencies undoubtedly help to fulfill the ultimate aims and objectives of your travel, while trekking with the poor one, you can imagine how unorganized and messed up your trekking will be. So, let’s help you with some basic prerequisites and recommendations for finding the best trekking agencies in Nepal:
It needn’t to be mentioned about the price factor since this determines the type of trekking agencies you will be relying upon and obviously, the best ones tend to be little costlier than the average ones. Since the trek will be cherishing your lifetime experience and memory, it is better if you do not compromise any of the factors that are directly related to your travel. Besides, to ensure adventures along with safety, the following factors must be considered to locate the best trekking agencies in Nepal:
-Generally, the trekking agencies provide genuine insurance for your safety during the trek. However, on the part of local staffs hired by the agency, their insurance may be uncertain. So, it is necessary to find that the agency not only provides insurance to you but also to their local staff for the safety.
-Local staffs like porters and guides are hired by the agency to make sure that no trekker faces any kind of difficulties due to their gear loads or navigation or any other during the trek. But sometimes, agencies dispatch such porters without properly equipping them with the things that are quintessential for the trek. Therefore, you should make sure if they are provisioned to be well-equipped in order to prevent any kind of problems on the trail.
-Competency and skills of guides of the trekking agency is something you should carefully examine. On that part, you should check if the guides who are supposed to be guiding you have valid guide certificates provided by the agency. Only the capable guides can give you the true blueprint of your trekking duration and make it more adventurous.
-Currently, there are many trekking agencies mushrooming and operating without the certified licenses illegally. Such type of agencies run for absolute profit motive and can’t guarantee your safety. So, you should be aware of such agencies and compulsorily check if the trekking agency you are going with is genuinely licensed.
-Sometimes, the trekking agencies manipulate the trekking itinerary and try to lead the trek into different mode. So, at the time of registering, you should thoroughly discuss about the trekking itinerary and its flexibility with the agency.
-It is important that the genuine trekking agencies have contact with a local helicopter emergency evacuation company for rescuing during extremity. If the agency is completely out of it, concerning about your safety, it is better that you should avoid such agencies.
After seeing all these considerations, you may have definitely got some ideas on locating the best trekking agencies in Nepal. This, however doesn’t seem do easy and effortless since there are numerous trekking agencies in Nepal with their own distinct service features. As an alternative, you can take recommendations from your closed ones who have made the best of their moments trekking with the eminent trekking agencies in Nepal. Talking about my preference, well I have had a great time trekking with the Hiking Nepal team with whom I look forward to do more treks in the coming future. Previously, I trekked with a different trekking agency, but unfortunately, ended suffering a lot due to their vague itinerary and unnecessary charges. This was what made me think of above mentioned considerations and reach out to Hiking Nepal. I must say, they have completely well-organized and dedicated team of staffs persevering to make every trekking package the most satisfactory.

To conclude, trekking to a far away land is not a repetitive or frequent privilege and it is something you do not wish to regret or lament later. So, make several considerations and reach out to the finest trekking agencies in Nepal who can exceed all your expectations regarding the trek.

Why trekking in Nepal is an experience for lifetime?

Nepal is considered to be one of the most popular trekking paradises in the entire world. Though occupies a very tiny proportion of land of the world’s arena, the country is blessed with such rare beauties where one can fully explore the complete and intact appearance of nature at its most. Uniquely structured with the altitude progressing from the plain Terai region through green hills up to the chilling cold vicinity sheltered with sky-topping mountain ranges, the land of Nepal is a diverse Eden of magnificent heritages enough to quench the thirst of every adventurous traveler. Therefore, flying above the clouds, ascending over the passes, assimilating in the indigenous rural life of Nepalese people, it is indeed an experience for lifetime trekking in Nepal.

It’s an unfortunate incident to flashback to the year 2015, when Nepal was adversely devastated by a major earthquake taking the life of thousands of people and collapsing numerous man-made structures and heritages. This ruinous calamity indeed tremored every person residing, visiting or trekking in Nepal and was also a harbinger of great loss in the tourism sector. Ever bewildered if you should consider trekking here discerning the earthquake remains and carcasses? Well, it’s a matter of relief that the transformations brought by the hopeful spirits of Nepalese people post the earthquake are really praiseworthy that has not only aided to restore the primeval heritages of Nepal but also has conceived an undisturbed pathway for tourism, for the land of Nepal is all about exposing what nature has truly blessed it with. Precisely, it is to assert that Nepal was and is still a great trekking destination for gathering and enlightening great joys and reminiscences to your life.

It is also a well-known fact that Nepal is one of such rare land that has diverse trekking options for the adventurous people who desire to taste all kinds of escapades under different circumstances, physical topographies, weather conditions and more. The country has a beautiful blended version of all these scenically creating a great haven for the trekkers. Whatever the way or wherever you choose to trek, it is certain that any traveler won’t be left with any kind of lamentable dissatisfaction after witnessing all the picturesque settings peculiarly regimented by the nature. Everest Base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Manaslu trek, etc are some of the major trek choices that transport the traveler to the ultimate zenith of adventure and assist them to conquer probably the highest altitude in their life. The chilling freshness of Himalayas and their captivating sceneries are the additional factors to make the trek more enthralling. Besides, Poon Hill trek, Upper Mustang trek 19 days, Annapurna panorama trek, etc are also some of the fascinating treks that is suitable for all kinds of trekkers, both experienced and inexperienced ones. These treks basically let the traveler experience the true joy of walking along the rural trail embellished by the satisfactory rural lifestyle amidst great hardships.

To sum up, though destroyed with calamity, disfigured with aftermaths and deprived with scarcities, the beauty and adventure factors of Nepal are yet untouched and unconsumed by any problems. This is assuredly the main rationale that has made Nepal still a great place for every trekker’s choice throughout the world.

May 16, 2017

All about upper Mustang trek/ 19 days

Considering to let the fun of your moments flow with utmost adventures and recreations, trekking in upper Mustang, Nepal? Well, if it is so, you are about to make a comforting and reminiscing journey of lifetime. Indeed, it is almost like a fortunate privilege to walk along the trails to upper Mustang exploring the wonders of nature that can be rarely witnessed in the entire world. The trek offers numerous remarkable experiences you can gain by witnessing the way of life reared by true mountain people isolated from the rest of Nepal. The trek can also be considered analogous to trekking into Tibet region as most of the existing heritages resemble the influence of ancient Tibetan kingdom.

Since the beautiful land was disguised as a forbidden kingdom, no foreign trekkers had access to the area for either tripping or trekking until early 1990’s and yet, upper Mustang trek, for even today is strictly regulated. Unlike other trekking requirements, one intending to trek to upper Mustang is required to make preparation for special permits post trekking north of Kagbeni. Since upper Mustang trek has a strict access, it is a must that the trekkers catch up with one of the government-recognized trekking agencies which makes it further easier for you in the documentation process. As an extra note, the estimated cost of trekking permit for upper Mustang trek is around $700 per person.

Upper Mustang trek 19 days is considered as a moderate trek since the highest altitude reached just meets up to 3800 meters which in comparison to other Himalayan trekking is far less. It is one of such rare places in Nepal that is best suitable for trekking during summer monsoon period, when there are occasional rainfalls and the surrounding are still quite dry enough for a smooth trekking experience. However, winter treks to upper Mustang are not so preferable since the place remains extremely cold, windy and dusty in winter which may turn out to be hazardous for your health.

Talking about accommodation, well, most of the time, the best sheltering option would be tented camps because you won’t find tea houses more often in such remote place. So, it is better if you go with utmost preparation and sufficient stuffs for your need that would last for the minimum of 9 days, commencing and ending in Kagbeni, which will be eventually appropriate for meeting the trek permit tenure of 10 days. Ending the trek, the returning trip can be made upon your choice, that is; whether you want to catch the upward route or alternately follow the route guided by eastern bank of Kaligandaki River.

Mustang valley trek- An adventurous trip of 17 days package

While remoteness of some vicinity of Nepal has turned out to be satirical and disadvantageous to the local people residing there, regardless, there is a kind of unique beauty too when we actually persevere to seek for the positive aspects hidden amidst vast hardships. Away from the noisy and polluted cities, occupied with remarkably few residents, yet adorned with the splendid beauty of the nature, such remote places are actually the Eden where one can discover the inner of himself and the true essence of living a human life destined to travel. Mustang is one of such rare places in Nepal that can give a cherished smile in your face with the marvelous adventures rewarded by the uniquely structured landscapes, picturesque scenery of villages, mountains and more. The designated 17 days trek to Mustang valley offers you the splendid trekking experience in the trans-Himalayan region followed with countless scenic perks and great cultural exploration amongst diverse ethnicity.

Mustang valley trek with the itinerary specification of approximately 17 days long leads you to the magnificent trails of adventurous feat from the very first stride of your trekking. Initially starting from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu to Pokhara, and then flying from Pokhara to Jomsom, you can already anticipate the level of joys and escapade, you will be experiencing for the rest of your journey. On a splendid flight from Pokhara to Jomsom, you will get to witness the breathtaking views of Mount Annapurna and Dhaulagiri along with a brief view of Jomsom, one of the most beautiful villages in Nepal. Subsequently, the most exciting part of your journey begins with some minor hikes from Jomsom through well-trodden paths. Ascending several uphills and passes, walking through different ethnic villages like Kagbeni, Chele, Syangboche, Ghami, Tsarang, Lo-Manthang and many more, assimilating with the lifestyle of rural mountain people and indulging in their cultural rituals and traditions, the trek takes various startling modes, giving you astounding pleasures of adventures and refreshment. As you progress through the altitudes, the valley offers captivating scenarios of monasteries and shrines along the trail where one can clearly see the influence of ancient Tibet in the place, which indeed was once in the territory of Tibet. Additionally, higher the altitude, the more you will see the diverse varieties of flora and fauna significantly tapering that gives you chilling experience of trekking in extreme wet and cold temperature. What worth could be a trek unless it challenges your entire physical and spiritual occupancy in that certain place? This is what the Mustang valley trek utmostly satisfies.

In brief, the 17 days long Mustang valley trek leads you the treeless and barren landscapes yet treasured with the uniquely structured topography and satisfactorily settled local residence that seem flourishing amidst colossal scarcities and hardships and continuously captivating the enthusiastic eyes of the beholders. To sum up, the trek is a great medium to explore the remote trans-Himalayan region along with manifold cultural exploration and more even within the duration less than 17 days.

May 14, 2017

Peak Climbing in Nepal? Here is the list of top five best peaks

Sparing out some time from your busy scheduled life, if you have thought to wake up your adventurous spirit and searching for the best peak climbing destinations, then you are at the right place. In this blog, I have tried to throw some light on this topic with thorough research about the best peaks for climbing in Nepal from several sources and have drawn out the conclusion with remarkably the best list. But before that, I found it necessary that you should primarily come across some facts that can help you with appropriate and meaningful peak climbing in Nepal.

There are arguably numerous peaks in Nepal; however Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has enlisted only some of the peaks that are both safe and suitable for climbing; that counts to peaks of total of 33 mountains. To be noted, the maximum climbing period is set less than five days as, say it refreshment or twist in your trekking expedition.

Getting back to the concern, here is an interesting list of the best peaks for climbing in Nepal with their brief details.

Island Peak: Island peak (6189 m), also termed as Imja Tse is one of the most preferred peaks in Nepal situated close east to the Everest Base camp trekking trail. Since the peak is proximate to the world’s tallest peak, Mt. Everest, it is often considered to be the first choice of every climber reaching there. Climbing there is equivalent to getting yourself to an altitude that offers you scenic beauty of other High Himalayas, including Mt. Makalu. The best time for climbing the Island peak is from April to May and from October to November.

Mera Peak: Climbing level reflecting little difficulty, southeast of Island peak, there lies Mera peak (6470 m) which is also one of the famously-known peak to the climbers. It is considered to be the highest of all peaks climbing in Nepal. It is one of the peak points that helps you witness the magnificent views of Mt. Everest and Lhotse in front of your eyes. September and November are termed to be the best time for climbing Mera peak.

Lobuche East Peak: Lobuche east peak (6119 m) got its name as it is situated in the village named Lobuche, very near to the Everest Base camp trekking trail. Since the peak has fairly easy access, it is a perfect peak climbing solution for all, experienced and inexperienced climbers. The lustrous shine through brilliant view of mountains like Everest, Lhotse and Makalu is what the Lobuche east peak best offers. The most favorable time for climbing there is from mid-March to May and October to mid-December.

Yala Peak: Climbing to the summit of Yala peak (5732 m) is said to be the easiest peak climbing mode in Nepal. The peak is located in the Langtang region close to the north of Kathmandu. From there, you can witness Mount Shishapangma, the fourteenth highest mountain in the world located in Tibet autonomous state of China. The best time for climbing Yala peak is from March to May and October to November.

Chulu West Peak: Chulu West peak (6419 m) is another famous peak from the Annapurna region. It lies closely to the north of Annapurna circuit trail. The summit offers magnificent views of Mount Dhaulagiri and Annapurna I. Even more, it is also a great vicinity from where you can witness the Damodar Himalayan range of upper Mustang. The climbing days, unlike in other peaks, are a bit longer for Chulu west peak; that is approximately 5-6 days. The most favorable time for climbing this summit is from March to April and October to November.

Climbing peaks are comparatively fairly easy than mountaineering, however in the namesake of fairly easy, it shouldn’t resemble to normal hikes. So, it is a must that you select the best one that can ensure utmost adventures to your trekking experience and cherish the moments with newness and uniqueness in every step you make to the summit.

May 3, 2017

Annapurna Base camp trek 13 days

Unlike other mountain trekking routes and itineraries in Nepal that follows the obvious steep and uneven trails, Annapurna base camp trek 13 days can be termed a bit of different kind as this suites to all the experienced and inexperienced trekkers longing to trip in the namesake of mountain trekking. In other words, with the path not so vulnerable to extreme difficulties and requiring comparatively less climbings, Annapurna base camp trek is a best way to experience smooth trek that is most of easy hikes and magnificent scenery of majestic Himalayas such as Machhapuchhre, Annapurna I and Hiunchuli.

Alike several other trekking routes, the 13 days long Annapurna base camp trek follows the similar route trends enchanted by scenic natural heritages granting invigorating rejoicement to the mind and soul throughout the trekking. In fact, you can get to encounter more than a lot from the very beginning stride of your trek from lowlands and terraced fields ultimately taking you to your terminus, Annapurna Base camp (4410m/13582 ft.). On your way, you get to come across two of the spectacular ethnic villages; Chhomrung and Ghandruk, the headquarter of Annapurna region. Keeping them aside, you can explore several dense rhododendron forests and bamboo forests offering you energetic vibes to keep continuing your adventurous trekking. With few ascends of passes, uphill and moraines, you finally get to see yourself standing at Annapurna sanctuary. Keeping the joys of successfully completing an adventurous trekking in one hand, on the other hand, the unbelievable scenery of beautiful and lustrous Himalayas that you can witness from the base camp adds far more pleasures to your eyes and spirit. Besides, one of the best thing you must not miss out being there is the biodiversity of flora and fauna preserved in Annapurna conservation area, which is regarded as one of the best places for bird watching in Nepal.

In addition, there are several trekking options that lets you witness the great Annapurna ranges in different ways. Those treks are basically called as either Annapurna Panorama trek 10 days or Annapurna circuit trek 21 days. These variations are indeed the splendid ways to explore the Annapurna region from different altitudes and elevations. However, the major concern of all of such packages always centers around getting scenic imagery of Annapurna ranges.

Basic durations for Everest Base Camp trek

Undoubtedly, the glorious and captivating peaks of Mount Everest have always attracted the adventurous trekkers and travelers from all around the world. Being called as the world’s highest Himalaya, the fact has further added greater craze among the trekkers searching for those destinations which exactly possess the profound appearance of the nature. Everest base camp trek is one of such privileged opportunities that gives the trippers with awe-inspiring trekking experience in Nepal. To be noted, it is a matter of relief that based on your preference and time schedule, you are solely the one who determines the duration of your trek to Everest base camp.

Though Everest Base camp trek is something that anyone can’t expect to be shorter; however due to several circumstances such as weak health status, short duration visa and so on, you need to choose the the trekking packages accordingly if you are trekking with genuine agencies. Basically, the trek can be made short, or average days’ or even longer duration if you wish to have extended trekking itineraries or perhaps choose the longer route. Generally, the short trekking package would be Everest base camp trek 14 days in which the itineraries are a bit fast-forwarded to make it sooner to reach and return. Similarly, the average duration trek would be Everest Base camp trekking 17 days which are properly designated to let you achieve every adventure at your best along the trekking trails and at the ultimate destination, the foothills of Mount Everest. Talking about the longest duration trek, well, most of the trekking agencies keep it up for maximum 23 days, that is; Everest Base Camp trek via Jiri 23 days, where the trekking trail takes a different mode other than the previous routes. That is to say, the trek would be longest since you will be taking the trails from Jiri through Everest base camp which comparatively consumes a few more days than trekking from the obvious route, Phaplu. As the trek package has enough days to reach to the base of Mt. Everest, you will get more opportunities to explore the trueness of Nepal as well as get to assimilate yourself with the native and rich cultures of indigenous rural people living in Nepal.

Thus, to make it clear, though you can trek to Everest Base camp selecting different durations, from short to the longest, it doesn’t mean that the number of days determines the quantity and quality of your adventures. It is you who can make it to the most regardless of how many days you take to complete the trek. Once you are in a new land with completely different landscapes, weather conditions, people and their lifestyles, cultural surroundings and more, if you are an adrenaline junky, nothing can stop you from experiencing the true adventure of reaching to Everest base camp, even though let it be for short duration.

Reasons why hiring guides is worth to make your trek in Nepal the best experience

Nepal is one of such places in the world that is considered among the best trekking destinations with vast horizons to witness entirely everything that the nature has ever gifted to the mankind. Unlike trekking in other vicinities, the country has it all to mesmerize every traveler with abundance of nature’s wonders which are indeed barely possible to explore wholly even if one spends his/her entire life for it. However, being an enthusiastic and adventurous traveler, you can hardly quench your thirst unless you discover those shiny Himalayas, greeneries, floral and faunal diversity, peculiarly set landscapes,Nepalese culture and tradition and more at your heart's content.
Traveling in a new place away from your homeland and surroundings, everything will seem new to you which might not assist you to fully extract out the complete fun factor from your trekking. In such situation, there stands a good reason why you need someone who can guide you through and take your eyes to the right places that you shouldn’t miss out during the trek. What can be more appropriate than hiring so-called professional guides for that? In fact, hiring them has many advantages and applicabilities that you may not get while trekking alone in Nepal. Some of the reasons, or let’s state “good reasons” for why you should hire guides while trekking in Nepal are briefly pointed out below:

  1. Most of the trekking routes of Nepal are obvious to follow. However sometimes, due to construction of paths over the trekking trails or unavailability of signed junctions, you might get into problem losing your way. In such case, your guides can help you with that and be of great help for the proper navigation and undisturbed trekking itineraries.
  2. One of the best advantages of hiring guides is that you do not need to rush yourself for preparing trekking permits and required bookings as soon as you land on Kathmandu. The guides will have these all done on your behalf before you land here. Furthermore, there won’t be anything you should bother about since overall arrangements are made by them upon your service request and all you need to do is set yourself all ready for the trek.
  3. One of the major problems you probably face being a foreigner in Nepal is language problem. Since most of the Nepalese people of rural trekking areas aren’t familiar with the English language, you certainly find frequent language problem throughout the trek. Hiring professional guides discards all such problems and easily help you to interact with the local people and get the most of facts and details about their lifestyle, which is indeed one of the major components of trekking in Nepal.
  4. Most of the foreign trekkers are illusioned by the common misconception that hiring guides is an expensive business to deal with. In fact, the daily average rate of best trekking guides is just around 20$-25$ which won’t be a great deal if you put adventures forth of everything. Thus, hiring guides can be considered as a part of your daily spare expenses that are relatively just a minor issue than the great benefits you gain from a greater trekking adventure.
  5. Trekking along with the professional guides also has a great perk that helps you explore many cultural variations thriving amidst the vast diversities. Unlike solo trekking, traveling with the guides gives you opportunity to involve yourself in various cultural and traditional practices and rituals. The privilege of getting to be a part of remote Nepali culture grants you the best amphitheatre of viewing Nepal in a brief glimpse.

To sum up, it is to be assured that you can trek frequently wherever and whenever you want, but that could be possibly around your own homeland. At times, if you want to explore different taste of adventure in completely new vicinity, as in Nepal, you should realize that it won’t be a frequent trekking opportunity, so, what you can do best is to gather the most of adventures falling within your trekking tenure. Since it is barely possible to witness all the heritages of your trekking destinations either by taking help from local people or entirely navigating on your cell, the above mentioned reasons are worth to be considered for the best trekking experience in Nepal by hiring professional guides.

A close view to Annapurna massif: Annapurna Base Camp trek

Annapurna Base camp, also known as Annapurna Sanctuary is a destination that most of the trekkers in Nepal preferably choose in the namesake of climbing the mountain ranges. Whether they are experienced trekkers or the inexperienced ones, both the trek; short one, Annapurna base camp trek-10 days and longer one, Annapurna base camp trekking-14 days are meant for any kind of adventurous person longing to be mesmerized with the scenic pleasure of beautiful Annapurna range. Also because of less struggling and well-trodden paths along with several accommodation provisions, the trek is famous among the people from all walks of life. In either way, the trek brings the hikers up through splendid alpine terrains to one of the topping of Himalayas; the magnificent ranges of the Annapurna mountain.

Until you reach the final objective of your trekking, the trail takes an inclined elevation with exclusive climbing for some days. Those climbings aren’t just worthless then and there since the path will be accompanied by the freshness of torrential rivers, mellifluous sounds of chirping birds, dense greeneries and more eventually leading you to the proximity of Annapurna mountain. As you progress, you further do have an amazing choice to make, that is; either to continue your jubilant journey or to take rest at the base camp of Machhapuchhre, which are indeed desirable at both extent. Whatever you choose, you are the real planner of your trek to make it more interesting and probably the best one. Every circumstance of the trek is capable enough to rejoice your moments with such surroundings that are far different from what we see in our daily life. A place amazingly nourished with the beauty of terraced land structures, panoramic scene of several mountain ranges, diverse flora and fauna, peculiarly settled rural villages and moreover enriched with the well-off cultures and traditions; indeed such places are what surrounding of Annapurna massif offers you. Once you reach to the base camp of Annapurna, you can find that the scenery is unbelievably awe-inspiring enchanted with several decorations of nature’s pouring. The views to the summit of 8000 m peaks are the additional perks enhancing your trek experience around the Annapurna sanctuary.

Additionally, if you wish to experience more fun of extended trek, you also do have Annapurna trek-19 days option that offers you more advanced form of trekking itinerary, that is more than enough to explore every nooks and corners of the Annapurna sanctuary at your best. This is also perhaps the best opportunity to witness the very close view of Annapurna massif.

May 2, 2017

Reasons why you need to trek in Nepal once in a lifetime

If one’s an adventurous person, it’s obvious that in some walks of life, who wouldn’t want to spare some moments of their life trekking along such paths that reward them the ultimate joys of life? Certainly, if that happens to be in the lap of nature with countless variations you could barely witness in your entire life, what can be comparatively more precious than that? Indeed, the abundant creations of nature are hardly discoverable trekking around one or two vicinities: however, begging to differ, Nepal is arguably one of such places that serve you the scenic glimpse of all captivating blessings poured by the nature and especially the lustrous Himalayas that take your trekking experience entirely to the next level. Therefore, it will be safe enough to boast that trekking in Nepal is in fact a rare and privileged opportunity with remarkably vast horizons to explore with your own eyes.

Mountain peaks in Nepal have always remained the major cornerstones while it comes to adventurous trekking. Visiting to the proximity of the country with Eight out of ten highest mountain peaks in the world, who would possibly miss the opportunity to witness them with their own eyes?   Whether it’s Mt. Everest, world’s tallest mountain peak or Annapurna Mountain ranges, one of the most mellifluous mountain ranges of Nepal, or perhaps Machhapuchhre or Langtang, there are several other mountain ranges that have enriched and enhanced the diverse beauty of Nepal influencing the desires of every adventurous traveler in Nepal to reach there by any means. Termed as either Everest Base camp trek, Annapurna Base camp trek, Langtang region trek or even Manaslu trek, these all treks tend to lead you to the most glorious path to the heavenly Himalayas standing tall to provide every beholder the quintessence of freshness and the most splendid scenic perk probably never ever seen before with their own eyes. The trek is only not so special because you can see the vast horizons of Himalayas but also because that allows you to explore the trueness of Nepal’s natural and cultural heritages along the trail. The additional best part is, the trek further offers the scenic exploration of rural villages settled in unique topographical structure and the indigenous people residing with their own rituals and self-determined lifestyle. In overall, trekking to the Himalayas of Nepal is the best way to witness each and every aspect of the country peculiarly settled in a small corner with vast enrichment of abundant natural and cultural heritages, flora and fauna.

In addition, if there’s spirit somewhere living in your heart and enforcing you to explore all the possible adventures in your life at your best, Nepal can be possibly the best destination to turn those imaginary adventures into reality. This is why trekking to the Himalayas of Nepal is one of most recommended things you probably come across being an adventurous person.

Classic trek to Everest Base camp via Jiri- 22 days

Have you ever imagined the pleasure of standing face-to-face in front of the world’s tallest peak, Mt. Everest after an adventurous and joyous ride blended with abundance of hardships and difficulties to reach there? Indeed, reaching there is a truly rewarding experience of your entire lifetime while reaching there by challenging yourself and enduring the pain of countless footsteps uphill and downhill adds even more adventures and fun to your trekking reminiscences. As such, the classic trek to Everest Base Camp via Jiri-22 days offers the exact essence of an extended trek. Though there is other obvious and a shorter route to Everest base camp, making your trails through the tracks that less people have covered makes an entire difference if you choose to trek via Jiri.
Trekking to Everest base camp via Jiri indeed carries stacks of adventures and joys along with it as soon as you stride your journey from the very first ride from Kathmandu. Asserting this in precise manner, it is meant to say that you get to explore such splendid and amazing heritages and scenarios that only few eyes have explored and only few legs have stepped on so far. Along the trail, you get to mesmerize yourself with the scenic views of terrains, terraced rural settlement, amazing land topographies, numerous gorges, cool perennial rivers and most importantly the indigenous cultures and native lifestyle of the village people. Similar to Everest High passes trek-20 days, the trek via Jiri takes series of progression through higher and higher altitudes. Nevertheless, the trek won’t be tiring and monotonous as expected from tiring walks since there are chains of Himalayan ranges flashing their splendid panoramic views that not only refreshes the tired eyes but also fills an invigorating energy giving you vivacious spirit for further progression. The ecological and environmental diversities are always there in addition to transform your trekking hardships into wonderful adventures. All in all, there won’t probably be any disappointment from trekking through the long route to Everest base camp via Jiri as this trek is worth to provide great adventure and satisfaction from the diverse scenario you will be indulging yourself through unlike the short trekking route.
To sum up, though the trek is going to take a few more days of yours , it will be worth for so because this can be the only way to gain both the pride of stepping on to the base camp of Mount Everest and collecting an abundance of fun and adventures on the trail through an extended trek where you certainly don’t need to rush for reaching the destination within few days of trekking.

Top 5 best trekking destinations in Nepal

Trekking is a passion: it is something that an adventure seeking person never misses out once in his/her entire span of life. Furthermore, other than the obvious modes and routes, if one gets to trek assimilating in the abundant variations of nature, who wouldn’t want it? Nepal is one of such cornerstones in the entire world that offers the best of the best vicinities to reward you the feeling of what is it like to trek on the lap of sky topping Himalayas guided by the splendid exploration of indigenous cultures, amazingly structured landscapes, precious flora and fauna and more. It is an absolute fact that thousands of foreign travelers and trekkers visit Nepal ever year to experience the very essence of trekking. Based on the majority of preferences and most visited routes, below are the top five best trekking destinations in Nepal that you shouldn’t miss out when you happen to trek there:
1)      Everest Base Camp: This is assuredly the most desired and probably the most chosen trekking destination in Nepal. The high altitude, great terrain trek offers you the privilege to witness the world’s tallest mountain peak, Mt. Everest with your own eyes. The jubilant pride of standing in front of the world’s tallest peak at an altitude of approximately 5600m remains on one side and on the other side, the memories you make along the trails of difficult yet adventurous journey rewards you all the fun of life. To sum up, Everest base camp trek is best in the sense that it offers a lot more to explore, from cultural diversity to the scenic appearance of the nature, from lower to the utmost high altitude cherished with majestic Himalayan ranges.
2)      Annapurna Circuit: Annapurna circuit offers a sophisticated yet adventurous trekking experience around the entire Annapurna massif. This is one of best trekking options if you wish to muster a longer trek experience circling the great and diverse Annapurna peak. The trek at the same time gives you the great perks of witnessing widest pass in the world, Thorong La pass and deepest gorge in the world, Kaligandaki. Additionally, Annapurna circuit trek also let you pass by Manang, Jomsom and Muktinath region that are worthy to make you acquainted with native Nepalese cultures and landscapes.
3)      Annapurna Base Camp: This trek is best and appropriate for those who wish to witness the Annapurna ranges from the base within few days of trekking. Annapurna Base Camp unlike Annapurna Circuit is a shorter trekking route that tends to give the equal scenic perks of diverse landscapes and terraced fields guiding to the ultimate scenery of majestic Annapurna ranges. In short, this trek is suitable to those craving to witness the mountain despite restricted time schedule.
4)      Langtang region: Langtang region/valley trek is best for those who wish to experience smooth trek and prioritize more on cultural exploration and lifestyle of rural people living in Nepal. It won’t be incorrect to assert that there is no way one cannot be mesmerized with the rich local culture and lifestyle of the valley. Furthermore, the place is also nourished with the beauty of small villages, farmlands and verdant forests, being able to captivate the eyes and heart of every beholder.

5)      Upper Mustang: Upper Mustang is one of another vicinities that fall on the list of one of the most searched and popular trekking destinations in entire Nepal. Best known as the forbidden kingdom, Upper Mustang offers some scenic perks of splendid remote trans-Himalayan mountain region of Nepal. The best part of upper Mustang trek is that you can get to see and experience the uniqueness of landscapes never seen before. What’s more astonishing is the rich beauty of the place despite the remoteness, dryness and barrenness. The influence of ancient Tibetan culture and numerous shrines and monasteries are some other special features that make the trekking experience even best.