May 3, 2017

Basic durations for Everest Base Camp trek

Undoubtedly, the glorious and captivating peaks of Mount Everest have always attracted the adventurous trekkers and travelers from all around the world. Being called as the world’s highest Himalaya, the fact has further added greater craze among the trekkers searching for those destinations which exactly possess the profound appearance of the nature. Everest base camp trek is one of such privileged opportunities that gives the trippers with awe-inspiring trekking experience in Nepal. To be noted, it is a matter of relief that based on your preference and time schedule, you are solely the one who determines the duration of your trek to Everest base camp.

Though Everest Base camp trek is something that anyone can’t expect to be shorter; however due to several circumstances such as weak health status, short duration visa and so on, you need to choose the the trekking packages accordingly if you are trekking with genuine agencies. Basically, the trek can be made short, or average days’ or even longer duration if you wish to have extended trekking itineraries or perhaps choose the longer route. Generally, the short trekking package would be Everest base camp trek 14 days in which the itineraries are a bit fast-forwarded to make it sooner to reach and return. Similarly, the average duration trek would be Everest Base camp trekking 17 days which are properly designated to let you achieve every adventure at your best along the trekking trails and at the ultimate destination, the foothills of Mount Everest. Talking about the longest duration trek, well, most of the trekking agencies keep it up for maximum 23 days, that is; Everest Base Camp trek via Jiri 23 days, where the trekking trail takes a different mode other than the previous routes. That is to say, the trek would be longest since you will be taking the trails from Jiri through Everest base camp which comparatively consumes a few more days than trekking from the obvious route, Phaplu. As the trek package has enough days to reach to the base of Mt. Everest, you will get more opportunities to explore the trueness of Nepal as well as get to assimilate yourself with the native and rich cultures of indigenous rural people living in Nepal.

Thus, to make it clear, though you can trek to Everest Base camp selecting different durations, from short to the longest, it doesn’t mean that the number of days determines the quantity and quality of your adventures. It is you who can make it to the most regardless of how many days you take to complete the trek. Once you are in a new land with completely different landscapes, weather conditions, people and their lifestyles, cultural surroundings and more, if you are an adrenaline junky, nothing can stop you from experiencing the true adventure of reaching to Everest base camp, even though let it be for short duration.

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