May 3, 2017

Reasons why hiring guides is worth to make your trek in Nepal the best experience

Nepal is one of such places in the world that is considered among the best trekking destinations with vast horizons to witness entirely everything that the nature has ever gifted to the mankind. Unlike trekking in other vicinities, the country has it all to mesmerize every traveler with abundance of nature’s wonders which are indeed barely possible to explore wholly even if one spends his/her entire life for it. However, being an enthusiastic and adventurous traveler, you can hardly quench your thirst unless you discover those shiny Himalayas, greeneries, floral and faunal diversity, peculiarly set landscapes,Nepalese culture and tradition and more at your heart's content.
Traveling in a new place away from your homeland and surroundings, everything will seem new to you which might not assist you to fully extract out the complete fun factor from your trekking. In such situation, there stands a good reason why you need someone who can guide you through and take your eyes to the right places that you shouldn’t miss out during the trek. What can be more appropriate than hiring so-called professional guides for that? In fact, hiring them has many advantages and applicabilities that you may not get while trekking alone in Nepal. Some of the reasons, or let’s state “good reasons” for why you should hire guides while trekking in Nepal are briefly pointed out below:

  1. Most of the trekking routes of Nepal are obvious to follow. However sometimes, due to construction of paths over the trekking trails or unavailability of signed junctions, you might get into problem losing your way. In such case, your guides can help you with that and be of great help for the proper navigation and undisturbed trekking itineraries.
  2. One of the best advantages of hiring guides is that you do not need to rush yourself for preparing trekking permits and required bookings as soon as you land on Kathmandu. The guides will have these all done on your behalf before you land here. Furthermore, there won’t be anything you should bother about since overall arrangements are made by them upon your service request and all you need to do is set yourself all ready for the trek.
  3. One of the major problems you probably face being a foreigner in Nepal is language problem. Since most of the Nepalese people of rural trekking areas aren’t familiar with the English language, you certainly find frequent language problem throughout the trek. Hiring professional guides discards all such problems and easily help you to interact with the local people and get the most of facts and details about their lifestyle, which is indeed one of the major components of trekking in Nepal.
  4. Most of the foreign trekkers are illusioned by the common misconception that hiring guides is an expensive business to deal with. In fact, the daily average rate of best trekking guides is just around 20$-25$ which won’t be a great deal if you put adventures forth of everything. Thus, hiring guides can be considered as a part of your daily spare expenses that are relatively just a minor issue than the great benefits you gain from a greater trekking adventure.
  5. Trekking along with the professional guides also has a great perk that helps you explore many cultural variations thriving amidst the vast diversities. Unlike solo trekking, traveling with the guides gives you opportunity to involve yourself in various cultural and traditional practices and rituals. The privilege of getting to be a part of remote Nepali culture grants you the best amphitheatre of viewing Nepal in a brief glimpse.

To sum up, it is to be assured that you can trek frequently wherever and whenever you want, but that could be possibly around your own homeland. At times, if you want to explore different taste of adventure in completely new vicinity, as in Nepal, you should realize that it won’t be a frequent trekking opportunity, so, what you can do best is to gather the most of adventures falling within your trekking tenure. Since it is barely possible to witness all the heritages of your trekking destinations either by taking help from local people or entirely navigating on your cell, the above mentioned reasons are worth to be considered for the best trekking experience in Nepal by hiring professional guides.

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