May 16, 2017

All about upper Mustang trek/ 19 days

Considering to let the fun of your moments flow with utmost adventures and recreations, trekking in upper Mustang, Nepal? Well, if it is so, you are about to make a comforting and reminiscing journey of lifetime. Indeed, it is almost like a fortunate privilege to walk along the trails to upper Mustang exploring the wonders of nature that can be rarely witnessed in the entire world. The trek offers numerous remarkable experiences you can gain by witnessing the way of life reared by true mountain people isolated from the rest of Nepal. The trek can also be considered analogous to trekking into Tibet region as most of the existing heritages resemble the influence of ancient Tibetan kingdom.

Since the beautiful land was disguised as a forbidden kingdom, no foreign trekkers had access to the area for either tripping or trekking until early 1990’s and yet, upper Mustang trek, for even today is strictly regulated. Unlike other trekking requirements, one intending to trek to upper Mustang is required to make preparation for special permits post trekking north of Kagbeni. Since upper Mustang trek has a strict access, it is a must that the trekkers catch up with one of the government-recognized trekking agencies which makes it further easier for you in the documentation process. As an extra note, the estimated cost of trekking permit for upper Mustang trek is around $700 per person.

Upper Mustang trek 19 days is considered as a moderate trek since the highest altitude reached just meets up to 3800 meters which in comparison to other Himalayan trekking is far less. It is one of such rare places in Nepal that is best suitable for trekking during summer monsoon period, when there are occasional rainfalls and the surrounding are still quite dry enough for a smooth trekking experience. However, winter treks to upper Mustang are not so preferable since the place remains extremely cold, windy and dusty in winter which may turn out to be hazardous for your health.

Talking about accommodation, well, most of the time, the best sheltering option would be tented camps because you won’t find tea houses more often in such remote place. So, it is better if you go with utmost preparation and sufficient stuffs for your need that would last for the minimum of 9 days, commencing and ending in Kagbeni, which will be eventually appropriate for meeting the trek permit tenure of 10 days. Ending the trek, the returning trip can be made upon your choice, that is; whether you want to catch the upward route or alternately follow the route guided by eastern bank of Kaligandaki River.

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