May 23, 2017

Finding the best trekking agencies in Nepal

“Which trekking agency should I choose?”, “Which are the best trekking agencies in Nepal?” These are perhaps some of the obvious questions that every tourist visiting Nepal stresses about more often. Well, it is a fact that trekking with the best agencies undoubtedly help to fulfill the ultimate aims and objectives of your travel, while trekking with the poor one, you can imagine how unorganized and messed up your trekking will be. So, let’s help you with some basic prerequisites and recommendations for finding the best trekking agencies in Nepal:
It needn’t to be mentioned about the price factor since this determines the type of trekking agencies you will be relying upon and obviously, the best ones tend to be little costlier than the average ones. Since the trek will be cherishing your lifetime experience and memory, it is better if you do not compromise any of the factors that are directly related to your travel. Besides, to ensure adventures along with safety, the following factors must be considered to locate the best trekking agencies in Nepal:
-Generally, the trekking agencies provide genuine insurance for your safety during the trek. However, on the part of local staffs hired by the agency, their insurance may be uncertain. So, it is necessary to find that the agency not only provides insurance to you but also to their local staff for the safety.
-Local staffs like porters and guides are hired by the agency to make sure that no trekker faces any kind of difficulties due to their gear loads or navigation or any other during the trek. But sometimes, agencies dispatch such porters without properly equipping them with the things that are quintessential for the trek. Therefore, you should make sure if they are provisioned to be well-equipped in order to prevent any kind of problems on the trail.
-Competency and skills of guides of the trekking agency is something you should carefully examine. On that part, you should check if the guides who are supposed to be guiding you have valid guide certificates provided by the agency. Only the capable guides can give you the true blueprint of your trekking duration and make it more adventurous.
-Currently, there are many trekking agencies mushrooming and operating without the certified licenses illegally. Such type of agencies run for absolute profit motive and can’t guarantee your safety. So, you should be aware of such agencies and compulsorily check if the trekking agency you are going with is genuinely licensed.
-Sometimes, the trekking agencies manipulate the trekking itinerary and try to lead the trek into different mode. So, at the time of registering, you should thoroughly discuss about the trekking itinerary and its flexibility with the agency.
-It is important that the genuine trekking agencies have contact with a local helicopter emergency evacuation company for rescuing during extremity. If the agency is completely out of it, concerning about your safety, it is better that you should avoid such agencies.
After seeing all these considerations, you may have definitely got some ideas on locating the best trekking agencies in Nepal. This, however doesn’t seem do easy and effortless since there are numerous trekking agencies in Nepal with their own distinct service features. As an alternative, you can take recommendations from your closed ones who have made the best of their moments trekking with the eminent trekking agencies in Nepal. Talking about my preference, well I have had a great time trekking with the Hiking Nepal team with whom I look forward to do more treks in the coming future. Previously, I trekked with a different trekking agency, but unfortunately, ended suffering a lot due to their vague itinerary and unnecessary charges. This was what made me think of above mentioned considerations and reach out to Hiking Nepal. I must say, they have completely well-organized and dedicated team of staffs persevering to make every trekking package the most satisfactory.

To conclude, trekking to a far away land is not a repetitive or frequent privilege and it is something you do not wish to regret or lament later. So, make several considerations and reach out to the finest trekking agencies in Nepal who can exceed all your expectations regarding the trek.

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