May 2, 2017

Top 5 best trekking destinations in Nepal

Trekking is a passion: it is something that an adventure seeking person never misses out once in his/her entire span of life. Furthermore, other than the obvious modes and routes, if one gets to trek assimilating in the abundant variations of nature, who wouldn’t want it? Nepal is one of such cornerstones in the entire world that offers the best of the best vicinities to reward you the feeling of what is it like to trek on the lap of sky topping Himalayas guided by the splendid exploration of indigenous cultures, amazingly structured landscapes, precious flora and fauna and more. It is an absolute fact that thousands of foreign travelers and trekkers visit Nepal ever year to experience the very essence of trekking. Based on the majority of preferences and most visited routes, below are the top five best trekking destinations in Nepal that you shouldn’t miss out when you happen to trek there:
1)      Everest Base Camp: This is assuredly the most desired and probably the most chosen trekking destination in Nepal. The high altitude, great terrain trek offers you the privilege to witness the world’s tallest mountain peak, Mt. Everest with your own eyes. The jubilant pride of standing in front of the world’s tallest peak at an altitude of approximately 5600m remains on one side and on the other side, the memories you make along the trails of difficult yet adventurous journey rewards you all the fun of life. To sum up, Everest base camp trek is best in the sense that it offers a lot more to explore, from cultural diversity to the scenic appearance of the nature, from lower to the utmost high altitude cherished with majestic Himalayan ranges.
2)      Annapurna Circuit: Annapurna circuit offers a sophisticated yet adventurous trekking experience around the entire Annapurna massif. This is one of best trekking options if you wish to muster a longer trek experience circling the great and diverse Annapurna peak. The trek at the same time gives you the great perks of witnessing widest pass in the world, Thorong La pass and deepest gorge in the world, Kaligandaki. Additionally, Annapurna circuit trek also let you pass by Manang, Jomsom and Muktinath region that are worthy to make you acquainted with native Nepalese cultures and landscapes.
3)      Annapurna Base Camp: This trek is best and appropriate for those who wish to witness the Annapurna ranges from the base within few days of trekking. Annapurna Base Camp unlike Annapurna Circuit is a shorter trekking route that tends to give the equal scenic perks of diverse landscapes and terraced fields guiding to the ultimate scenery of majestic Annapurna ranges. In short, this trek is suitable to those craving to witness the mountain despite restricted time schedule.
4)      Langtang region: Langtang region/valley trek is best for those who wish to experience smooth trek and prioritize more on cultural exploration and lifestyle of rural people living in Nepal. It won’t be incorrect to assert that there is no way one cannot be mesmerized with the rich local culture and lifestyle of the valley. Furthermore, the place is also nourished with the beauty of small villages, farmlands and verdant forests, being able to captivate the eyes and heart of every beholder.

5)      Upper Mustang: Upper Mustang is one of another vicinities that fall on the list of one of the most searched and popular trekking destinations in entire Nepal. Best known as the forbidden kingdom, Upper Mustang offers some scenic perks of splendid remote trans-Himalayan mountain region of Nepal. The best part of upper Mustang trek is that you can get to see and experience the uniqueness of landscapes never seen before. What’s more astonishing is the rich beauty of the place despite the remoteness, dryness and barrenness. The influence of ancient Tibetan culture and numerous shrines and monasteries are some other special features that make the trekking experience even best.

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