April 3, 2016

Splendid highlights of the Everest trek

A trek to the Everest has always been overshadowed by the mighty structure of the Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world. While the peak is a shrine to trekkers and climbers which obviously is in the bucket list of many from all around the world, once pursued the hype gradually shifts from the peak to other aspects in the journey. The trekking along the high passes with the view of beautiful landscapes around truly validates the decision and the cost in pursuing the trek. The high passes which leads to kalapatthar, the prime site in viewing the beautiful Everest.
The journey starts from the escalation from Kathmandu to Lukla via mountain flight to Tenzing-Hillary airport. The trek begins along the Dudh Koshi River which is sandwiched between enormous hills. Along the trek, the continuous presence of extra ordinary landscapes truly contributes in the motivation in the trek as well as brings us closer to the nature and its spectacles. The rare view of monasteries and Gumbas, which lies in an otherwise isolated and natural surroundings, provides a divine intervention and a peaceful injection of the serenity. The summit of Kongma La, the first milestone in the trek offers the view of Khumbu icefall, cascading the peak.
Then, the challenging climb through Cho La leads to the cobalt-blue lakes situated at Gokyo, which is mouth-watering and also one of the prime focus of the trek. The lakes lie perfectly in harmony with the rocky boulders and the stony grains with perfectly complementing colors to the sky. After the inspiring view, the trek finally leads to Thame via Nangpa La, which is the route used by Tibetan traders for centuries. Many stories which date back centuries can be heard and the lifestyle of primitive Tibetans can be visualized through the mouth of the locals who are warm and courteous to any and all visitors.
The location is isolated with no interference in the natural state of the location which is the prime essence in any trek. Every step ahead in this trek is another opportunity for a beautiful photograph. The peaks that surround the valley, the tranquil lakes which settles between rocky boulders or the glacial moraines which lies unaltered, all these are what any adventurer dreams of and all nature lover admires. Communicating with the locals during tea house stays and in the Sherpa valley offers opportunities to learn more than what has been around about the history of the people living there and many more vital pointer in the trek which were unknown. For the brave and willing, conquering Everest could be the ideal purpose of the visit as the climb to the top of the world does not only come with recognition and the feeling of accomplishment but also comes with self-satisfaction and inner peace. The certification of the conquering of the Everest, which only few in the world have able to attain will most certainly would be the proudest possession to all who have been successful.
So maybe these are the reasons why this trek is called “the steps to heaven”.

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