April 27, 2016

Is Nepal an ideal destination to the thrill seekers?

The world has known Nepal as the country of Himalayas which reflects the peace and serenity of the nature but beside these are there any adventure sport best suited for the adrenaline junkies?                                                    picture
Matter of facts there are numerous adventurous sports which are featured in various parts of Nepal and other activities which will certainly provide with the  desired  amusement and thrill.
Bungee jumping is the first adventure sport that pops up in mind as it the one of the world’s highest bungee standing at 160m high. Despite seeming dangerous, the sport is very much safe with technicians in the field ensuring the level of optimum safety standards having met.
Nepal is a country of rivers with about more than 600 rivers flowing along all parts of the country. This has brought a huge boost in the adventure seekers for rafting and kayaking. White water rafting has been popular and growingly in demand as rafting truly pumps up the adrenaline in many. The rush which you get when the raft is manhandled by the tides all over the river could prove more than satisfying to many. While rafting is a group sport, kayaking takes thing next level with the isolation in the tides which requires much effort and precision to steer the kayak. The rush however, is inspiring and is greatly considered as one of the most effective way of relieving stress and loosening up.
Jungle safari might not be a sport but is a dangerous adventure which allows the up and front encounter with the wildlife. Many of us in the busy schedule and hectic lifestyle have already forgotten the beauty of nature and wildlife as a life form is truly an art of the nature. Nepal resides some of the most endangered and rare species in the world which can be encountered in rainforests of many regions. Animals like crocodile, gharial, one horned rhino, Bengal tiger, red panda, Asian rocky python, snow leopard etc. animals preserved in Nepal. Safari allows the visitors to have a one on one with the wild life and upon encounter, the feeling of mutual existence and appreciation to the wild life is a given.
Beside these, trail bike riding has been growing immensely popular among the visitor as the terrains in the Nepal are unaltered which offers as the existence of ideal trail for bike riding. Similarly, mountain climbing is one of the core tourism attraction but requires great commitment along with training and experience in the field.

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