April 25, 2016

What is it like to homestay in Nepal?

Nepal might be the country of Himalayas to many but what goes unnoticed and un-emphasized is the cultural aspect of Nepal. Culturally diverse Nepal hosts a number of lifestyles which follow different tradition and norm. Home stay allows the visitors to have a warm welcome as well as an opportunity to realize and understand the culture and tradition of Nepalese lifestyles on a daily basis. Nepalese people are humble and friendly which truly provides the visitors with a family like experience.
Tanking about the perks of homestay, the first things that pops into the minds is the food. Many visitors in Nepal have had pleasant experiences but many have yet to taste the famous Nepalese cuisine. Nepalese cuisines are different with various cultures but are highly nutritious and delicious. Home staying gives the visitors the opportunity to experience home cooked, organic and household dishes which truly reflects the prime aspect of Nepalese lifestyles. Some of the famous cuisines are rice, pulse, grains, vegetables, pickles, chicken and goat meat, porridge, stew and many more. However, many home stays will serve western dishes with respect to the preference of the visitors.
One of the educational aspect in home stay is the opportunity which the visitors get to know and understand the various tradition and occasions in Nepal. the festivals and occasions which are so dearly celebrated by the nepalese have a historical and religious significance which can be clearly enquired and details be narrated by the most relevant source. Nepalese celebrate numerous festivals and have various ceremonies which are celebrated differently in every culture. There are more festivals celebrated in Nepal than there are number of days in a year. So, there is a high chance that the visitors will be able to witness a couple of festivals and events in their time of visit.
Home stay are cheaper than hotels and Inns however they serve a very rich purpose which the commercial accommodations are unable to provide the visitors and that is a home like experience. Having a comfortable bed, nice service and space of your own does not make the experience home like but the presence of others who treat you like a part of their own family do. The interaction with the people alone will be a true experience in knowing and understanding the Nepalese history, tradition and lifestyle. So, make the next visit you plan include at least a week of home stay to ensure the best home like experience during the visit.

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