April 19, 2016

What are some of the adventures and events, which should not be missed out in your visit Nepal?

The list of number of activities and places to visit in Nepal would be too many to talk about under one heading. However, there are some of the most exciting and significant events and activities which are some of the most anticipated and kept under the highest priorities by many.
Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha who founded Buddhism is a monument well preserved and well established for the visiting 
of tourists from all around the world. Many countries inclined towards Buddhism have had their participation in the construction of temples and monuments with unique architecture and design language. The peacefulness and the tranquility around the area truly reflects the divine power in the words of wisdom provided by Lord Buddha.
Kathmandu, the city of temples is a blend of modernization with patches of old and historic monuments and temples being encountered among the concrete ambiguity. The capital of Nepal, has a historical and cultural significance due to the presence of palaces and temples all around the place. The architecture and the art pieces that are on display over the monuments brings backs the pre-historic era back to life. Also, people who are nocturnal would love the night life in thamel as the streets in thamel are filled with lights, colors and music of all sorts.
Everest base camp is the base to the roof of the world which many trekkers and climbers have jotted down onto their bucket list. Whether taking a helicopter flight over the mountain ranges to the base camp or trekking through diverse terrains just to reach the snowy tops, trip to Everest base camp is an accomplishment in itself. The view from the base camp is truly magnificent as the world’s highest peak can be viewed among many other peaks residing beside it with edged rocky surfaces getting disrupted by thin fog and with sunlight caressing its snowy top, the view is very lustrous.
Manang-mustang, the country beyond the mountains is a remote trekking destination in an already isolated environment. They lie in route of Annapurna circuit trek but is as equally a beautiful destination. With beautiful landscapes and varied terrains, manang-mustang is the ideal place for viewing the mountain ranges up north. The villages are remote and have simple but magnificent design and architecture. Many gumbas and monasteries can be found around manang and mustang which provide a divinity in the otherwise unaltered and completely natural environment.

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