April 3, 2016

Pursuing Everest trek: brave or foolish?

Everest trek probably is the one of the most enticing trek route in all over the world, simply because it leads to the highest peak in the world. Not only to the adventure seeker but also for amateur trekkers, Everest trek is simply a dream. The fact that trekkers pursuing their trek to the Everest or anywhere where close by the region has a fair share of contribution to the tourism industry. The recent earthquake and the series of aftershock had taken its toll on the trail to Everest which caused the route to be closed for any visitors, the shutdown has be taken off as the trail has been re-opened. Some obstructions and damages in the trail had been seen but within a short period of close down all the obstructions and the damages has been cleared.
The trail although has been indemnified, there are other risks that needs clarification to and facts that people need to be aware of. Although the trek trail has been repaired successfully, has the places for accommodation and the transportation route been overlooked? No, most definitely not. The Hotels and the lodge everywhere around the region of Khumbu has been inspected and more than 90% of the hotels and lodges are marked safe. Since, the major transportation medium to Khumbu region is through airways, it’s safe to say that the transportation to the trek is very much operational as both the tribhuvan international airport and the Tenzing Hilary airport in Lukla are completely unhampered and operational. However the weather condition is another factor to be considered as a form of risk but in unfavorable conditions, the flights are most likely not to take off.  So, it can be easily perceived that the transportation and the accommodation is safe without any risk involved by the damages of earthquake.

While pursuing the trek, there are certain things to be aware of which could prove in acting as a risk factor and that is the proper equipping of all the essential materials and required documents. There are lot of equipments that is required in the trek to Everest which needs to be critically analyzed before pursuing the trail. There are many safety instruction, guidelines and quick notes which needs complete consideration and studying by the trekkers so as to avoid any mishap or accidents in the process. With enough precautions and consideration to the guidelines provided by the authority, the Everest trek is as safe as any other trek in the world. This make it safe to say that pursuing the trek is not a foolish act.

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