April 12, 2016

What are some of the things which you would find only in Nepal?

Despite being a country covering small fraction of land, Nepal does not lack behind in hosting some of the world’s most unique and exciting things. Although being a small country, Nepal is geographically diversified which facilitates some of the world’s prime heritages like the Mount. Everest. Besides the diverse geographical assortment, Nepal also hosts some of the rare and unique wildlife and plantation which makes it the hub for scientific exploration and wildlife fanatics.
Some of the world’s highest mountains reside in Nepal with few elsewhere which makes this country a prime destination for mountain climbers and trekkers. The environment around these areas are naturally preserved with non-existent human interference which makes the visit even more exciting and beautiful. The photographs taken from these areas are considered as some of the best still shots in the worlds as the landscapes are mouth-watering to look at.
Due to the geographical distortions, Nepal holds more than 200 lakes whose origin is not the same as others. Some lakes are glacial which lies in the mountain areas whereas some lakes are tectonic which are spread all over Nepal. Nepal hosts the world highest lake, Tilicho Lake which is located at an altitude of 4,949 meters above sea level and Rara Lake which is the largest lake of Nepal and many consider Rara as the most beautiful lake in the world.
Talking about the flora and fauna residing in Nepal, there are many endangered species and many unique animals whose natural habitat is limited only to Nepal. Red panda, a species of panda in a verge of extinction is a beautiful creature who spends most of it time in trees.  Snow leopard is another preserved animal due to its decrease in number, which are found in high altitude in Nepal. Bengal tiger and one horned rhinoceros are the center of attraction of safari in Nepal. Similarly, spiny babbler is only found in Nepal as there are many endemic species also.

Nepal being geographically and biologically diverse, it is also culturally diverse which provides opportunity for the visitors to learn new lifestyles and tradition every time they visit Nepal. A multi-religion, multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-lingual country, Nepal is renowned for its culture, tradition and festivals. With numerous temples belonging to different ethnicity, religion and culture Nepal shares a wide variety of architecture and history, which is very interesting and unique to other practices. 

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