March 28, 2016

Why is Nepal an ideal destination for mountain climbers?

The country of Himalayas which through the name itself implicates the significance of mountains in the country’s identity in the world. Himalayas refers to the mountains range which is the world’s largest mountain range, the Himalayan Range. The top 10 of the highest peak beside the mount K2 which is the world’s second highest mountain, lies within the tiny boundary which binds the territory of Nepal.  Not having to forget the world’s highest peak and a shrine to almost all of the climbers from all around the world in the contribution of making Nepal one of the most popular tourist destinations.
But is it just the high peaks that allure the climbers? Although the height of these ranges have key role in the attraction of climbers because the height and the difficulty level in pursuing the climb over the peak represents the level of achievement, there is more to it than just the feeling of accomplishment. The landscapes which the Himalayan range offers are some of the most beautiful views in the planet.
While thrill seekers and people looking for accomplishments enjoy the climbing and conquering of the peaks, there are many who prefer trekking over some of the mid-range altitudes of these ranges, purely for viewing and recreational purpose. There are many lakes, glaciers and snowy tops that truly mesmerize anyone who view such scenery. The red tint of the sun which gets projected on the mountain ranges over the snowy surfaces also is an exhibition of natural marvel.
Another reason why Nepal could be your ideal destination for pursuing climbing is the friendly nature and the warmth of the locals. Travelling to a foreign land into an almost isolated place could be fearsome and demotivating but the co-operation and helpfulness of the local residing near such locations could prove vital in times of uncertainty which can be found to be stated by many of the past visitors of Nepal.
The availability of tea house and hotel/inns also facilitates the pursuers to take some fatigue off and regain energy for further journey even up to a very high altitude. The locals also encourage home stay which allows the climbers and trekkers to refresh and at the same time gain some knowledge about the culture and lifestyle of the locals residing in that location.

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