March 7, 2016

How is Nepal a designated place for self actualization?

Maslow hierarchy of needs explain that the final stage in a human’s life is self actualization which is beyond the physiological and social need. There are many forms of self actualization and it merely depends upon the person. There are many opportunities for people all around the world to pursue their mode of self actualization as there are many ways to achieve it in Nepal.
The first form of attaining self actualization is by getting in touch with the nature. People who have had a stressful and hectic life tend to have their view of self actualization as isolation from the luxury and technology into the midst of nature. This helps the people to get in touch with themselves and find out their inner peace. There are many destinations in Nepal which are considered ideal for people who believe that their form of self actualization is through isolation and being amidst unaltered and completely natural environment.
Beside this, taking up a religion is also one of the most prominent forms of self actualization. Buddhism is the prime religion whose ideologies and concept overlaps the concept of those seeking actualization through religion. Adapting religion is completely a knowledge based form of self actualization where the people try and find the true meaning of life and existence of humanity. Many monasteries in Nepal are open to anyone who is in the search of self actualization through Buddhism and the ideologies of Buddha have truly inspired many.
Obtaining satisfaction through helping others is not a common thing but dedicating one’s life to the well being of others is a form of self actualization which has been attained by many. This can be done not only through charity work but also by contributing through activities and programs. Involvement in the deprived sector where the need for help and support is required could be a prime source for self actualization. Fields such as health and education in the rural region of Nepal is very backward and the contribution to such sectors would also be much appreciated.
So have a lifetime of experience in  Nepal and choose your form of self actualization.

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