March 14, 2016

Cultural programs in Nepal: an up growing tourist attraction

One of the few up sides of having various cultures is the similarly diverse entertainment aspect. When it comes to cultural programs, there isn’t enough ink to write about each and every one of them. Tourism greatly influenced by the adventure oriented activities is now being slowly shifting towards the cultural and traditional aspects of Nepal. Nepal hosts numerous programs and events which showcases such cultural practices with an entertainment value. Tourism is based on the urge of knowing the foreign land which may be the geographical surrounding or the cultural practices.
If you are looking forward for a fascinating glimpse of the diverse ethnic tradition as forms of folk dance, music, songs and many more, the cultural programs would prove beneficial in such cases. There are many restaurants, hotels and recreational areas which feature cultural programs as a source of attraction to the tourists interested in familiarizing themselves to the unique cultures of Nepal. Nepalese folk dances which involves traditional music and steps, is performed by descendants of the respective culture in cultural uniforms along with a brief introduction to their cultural background.
Deuda dance is a folk dance originated from the western part of Nepal is a dance pleasing to the eyes and pleasant melodies. Background to the dance is the celebration of festivals which are ritual wishing for a long life of the husbands and demonstration of love and affection between the males and the females.
Ghatu dance is a folk dance performed by Gurung and Magar, ethnics groups of Nepal in which the female performers wear ornaments and bright colored traditional uniforms whereas the male wear their plain black and while traditional Dress. The performance is a harmony between the males and females along with classical music.
Similarly, folk dances comprises of mungrahawa dance which is performed by the Tharu community especially in Chitwan, Sauraha as a source of attraction. Also called stick dance, mungrahawa is fun to view along with sweet melodies playing in the background.

Folk songs can be heard all around the country during special events and festivals. During Tihar, the festival of lights, people are seen singing deusi and bhailo which is a song that is sung from house to house, asking the homeowners for some treats and cash. During Buddha purnima, a melodious song and humming can be heard by the followers and the monks in monasteries which is quite pleasing to the ears as well as mind. 

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