March 22, 2016

Why is Nepal a better destination for adrenaline rushing tourists?

Many adrenaline junkies who are seeking a get away from their scheduled and hectic life may have a lot to choose from globally. However, Nepal hosts number of activities which can be categorized as adrenaline sport or activities. Having planned a trip primarily to pursue a single sport may not be as effective and memorable to many. Hence, Nepal could be the desired destination due to the availability of rather more number of adrenaline sport and activities which are certified and legal accepted by the government.
First on the list is paragliding which is the most popular among thrilling sport of Nepal. Paragliding over the city of pokhara, especially is preferred by many as the thrill seekers having had an experience of a lifetime can simultaneously enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Machapuchre peak and the Fewa Lake. The eagle view of such beautiful landscapes provides opportunity to the people to have a glimpse at the beautiful landscapes through the position of where birds soar in the air. Similarly para-hawking, similar to paragliding is also a sport that is best suited to those who take things to the extreme. Para-gliding in Nepal is very inexpensive and also can be pursued by those who haven’t had any experience in such field. However, provision for those with credentials and experience can pilot the experience themselves.
Bungee jumping may be a short trip down but the feeling of free falling is something which cannot be attained in any other sport. Last resort is one of the highest bungee height which makes it even more special. Furthermore, bungee jumping in Nepal is very inexpensive and also easily available without having to wait for months before finally getting the opportunity. All medical check-ups and guidelines are provided and moreover, a video at high resolution can also be obtained by the jumper if they wish to have it as a memento.
Rock climbing is a sport where people climb over the cliffs and rocky structures with the help of their hand and feet primarily beside the fact that almost every muscle gets worked up in the activity. The rocks are acutely inclined which makes the climb even more challenging. Also the availability of wall climbing also facilitates who are hoping to begin such sport before climbing the actual structure itself.

Besides these there are many sports and activities which are adrenaline rushing and tourists are unaware of. So be sure to check everything that Nepal has in store for you and pay a visit.

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