March 14, 2016

Souvenirs to take along after visiting Nepal

Rich in craftsmanship and ancient art, Nepal is a country that produces a lot of handicrafts, artwork and other souvenirs. The art however is influenced by the culture, history and the tradition of the Nepalese people and each style is unique to one another. Visiting Nepal would introduce the foreigners to a world where deities and ancient symbols are inscribed and replicated in various forms of souvenirs like paintings, pendants, utensils, idols, ring and many more which is a unique unconventional in the western part of the world.
Many handicraft stores have made possible the purchase of these art pieces to the people from all around the world and the skills and the expertise which the crafts man possess are traditionally passed on from generations. Usually there are different forms of handicrafts that differs from one another with the influence of varying culture, religion, ethnicity and customs.
Starting from the very common, clothes are the primary souvenirs which are mostly handmade like trousers, t-shirts, sweaters, woolen jackets, etc. However, people also are abundantly purchasing cashmere or pashmina cloth which is of excellent quality and can be used as shawl, blanket, scarves and also other forms of clothing.
Bracelets and rings are another common souvenirs found mostly around temples, monasteries and tourist destinations which have images, icons and inscriptions on them influenced from the Nepalese culture and religion. People in Nepal have a lot of faith in religion and relate themselves to the tradition in their culture which also makes the rings and bracelets an important factor in the lives of the Nepalese people.
Art pieces, usually of the Tibetan culture is profoundly popular among the tourists from all around the world. Plain paintings which reflect the symbols and images of deities as well as Thankas which are paintings involving embroidery of precious metal like gold and silver threads which are used to make beautiful designs, symbols and patterns.

Singing bowls are very common souvenirs in Nepal renowned for their pleasant ton and healing ability. These heavy bowls are of Tibetan origin but Nepalese people have mastered the crafting of high quality singing bowls. Besides these, ornaments like necklace, bracelets, rings, etc. made out of excellent quality golds and silver but also ruby, emeralds and pearls. The skilled gold and silver smiths plat their design and pattern on the ornaments to make it even more worthy of buying. Similarly, praying wheels, deity masks, idols etc. are also a good idea for souvenir to take along from Nepal.

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