February 24, 2016

Why is Nepal ‘the’ destination for foreigners?

Are you in a tangle in deciding ‘where you plan to go on your next vacation’? Tagged as one of the must visit countries, Nepal has a lot in store for tourists from all around the world. Although there are no tropical islands or fancy hotels, Nepal hold treasures that no luxury can compete against. Culturally and geographically diverse, the country of Himalayas not only holds extraordinarily beautiful landscapes but also rich cultural heritages which have great historical significance and tradition of the nation. The tourists are split between choices when it comes to the main purpose of the visit due to the fact that there are many sources of attraction which are quite independent to each other.
Geography of Nepal attracts tourists who are inclined towards adventures like trekking, hiking and off-road biking. However the landscapes are the main reason behind all the adventure with lustrous views and immense diversity of land confined within a tiny boundary, people find it hard to resist. Similarly, fair share of the tourists visit Nepal for adrenaline rushing sports like kayaking, bungee jump, rafting, paragliding and many more. These sports have truly been a boost in promoting the tourism in Nepal. Culturally rich Nepal although lacks behind in the developmental aspect but is still able to preserve the prehistoric architecture and traditions which is another main reason behind attraction of tourists. Areas like Patan durbar square, Basantapur durbar square, Bhaktapur durbar square and temples which are constructed through the architecture of the famous pagoda style and much appreciated by foreigners, is the center of attraction for culture seeking tourists.
Religion, in Nepal is a powerful and impactful aspect for the people. There are many temples and stupas which have become a symbol of belief to the religious followers. Regardless of the religion there are many tourists who visit Nepal for religious purpose and due to strong religious beliefs. Mountain climbing in Nepal is immensely popular as people find it challenging and also due to the fact that world’s highest peak, the Mount Everest lies in Nepal. Climbing mountains for many climbers, all around the world is a huge achievement and thrill and the fact that Nepal holds the top 10 tallest of mountains even makes Nepal more favorable for the climber to visit Nepal. Besides these, the flora and fauna is another attraction for tourist who enjoy watching and researching wildlife and plantations.

Although small in size, Nepal most certainly packs a punch when it comes to attractions for tourism.

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