February 24, 2016

Manaslu trek: the best all-around trek in Nepal

Manaslu having been renowned for its non-tea-housing trek is now one of the best tea house trek of Nepal and arguably the best all-around trek of Nepal.  The trek takes you to an incredible height of 5,153 m above sea level through the Larkya La Pass, just behind the manaslu massif which neighbors the border of Tibet and Nepal. Along the adventurous trek the trekkers can also familiarize with some of the most beautiful and tall mountain ranges like: Manaslu massif, Annapurna, Himlung and the Ganesh Himal.
The trail passes through Annapurna conservation area and Manaslu conservation area both of which are quite beautiful and significant landmark of Nepal. Unlike most trails in the Himalayan range which offer less encounter of diverse vegetation and wildlife, the manaslu trekking through larke pass is a trek other than the ordinary. Culturally diverse habitation could also be found along the trek after reaching the Budhi Gandaki valley and Marsyangdi valley which host Indo-aryan and tibetean people. The diverse cultural experience and the lifestyles within such short distance are simply amazing. The trek holds some of the most beautiful landscapes of Nepal among which the manaslu massif is arguably the most alluring of them all. The trek itself gives encouragement and support to the trekker to push further through the beautiful imagery and the ancient monasteries that lie somewhere on the rocky surfaces and even on the hills which are truly a complement to the overall natural view. The prayer flags among the all-around nature oriented scenery never fail to provide a sense of divinity to the trekker whether following religious practices or not.
The ideal destination to complete the trek would be the trek to Larkya rest house. Although the whole journey has the sense of destination overruled, the trail to larkya passes through Mani walls which have inscriptions on them of well wished for progress over the pass is much recommended. The pleasant view of the larkya peak and Naike peak is also one of the important aspects of the trek having an utmost close encounter with huge snowy peaks and also the Syacha glacier. The rest house offers quite comfortable accommodation but it would be worth the while to have rented a tent and spend the night under the open sky which on a clear night is much more than a spectacle.
The trek overall is a mixture in taste of nature, culture and adventure whose experience along the advancement of the trail grows more beautiful, a lot more fun and probably leave an imprint of Nepal forever in the heart of the trekkers.

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