February 24, 2016

Some luxurious accommodations along the natural habitat in Nepal

The desire for many tourists while visiting Nepal is to have a one on one with the nature but without compromising the level and quality of facilities and comfort. This would not have been possible some decade before but after the implementation of the tourism development program that was run in Nepal which was focused on the well being and increasing the number of attraction of the tourists from around the world and within Nepal. This gave rise to construction of accommodations near wildlife reserves, conservation area and other areas which are prime focus for tourists.
Tiger tops Karnali Lodge is a unique blend of wildlife and exotic stay as the lodge itself provides a calming and soothing environment with services that borderlines to exquisite.
The hotel runs on solar energy and the products are all organic and fresh. There are many accommodations which serves the similar purpose like of the tiger tops that is to maintain the comfort level, safety and exotic vibe despite being surrounded by an unaltered and completely natural habitat. Similarly, green park Chitwan in Sauraha, which is a hub for wildlife seeking tourist is a luxury resort which lies in the centre of the dense rain forest and rare wildlife habitat. The comfort and qualitative services which the resort provides to their visitors absolutely complements the surrounding, creating a synergy between the natural habitat and the zone of accommodation.
Another widely famous tourist attraction is the mountain range trekking which require even more comfort and facilities due to the fact that such regions are prone  to difficulties and complication due to the geographical complexion and extreme climatic conditions that gives rise to fatigue and more need of comfort and recreation. Keeping in mind the provisions for the tourists for better accommodation and place for proper and exotic recreation, there’s been a lot of establishments which lies surrounded by the mystique Himalayan ranges but providing quality and standardized services to the visitors. Basic as well as advanced services are being offered which eliminate the sense of remoteness and discomfort for the visitors. Lodges like Everest summit lodge and Himalaya lodge which lie on the trail of Mount Everest and Ghandruk respectively are common examples of the above mentioned accommodations.
Similarly there are many exotic hotels and resorts which are meant for tourists and visitors offering wide ranges of qualitative services and accommodations without compromising the basic necessary requirements and necessities.

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