February 26, 2016

Voluntourism: a vacation with a helping hand in Nepal.

Although the tourism sector is one of the most prominent source of national income, but the visitors who want to directly contribute in the development and the betterment of individuals or a community might find the concept of voluntourism quite attractive. This concept could be a vacation with a social and humanitarian agenda at the same time be a fruitful experience and a tinge of adventure. As the remote areas of Nepal is very much in a troubled situation with fields like health, education and basic infrastructure of development at the lowest of levels. For the promotion of such sectors there are many international as well as domestic organizations and many government programs which are already operating in the development of the lifestyle and comfort in living of the people residing in the remote areas.
Voluntourism has been quite popular in Nepal after the devastating earthquake that took place on 25th April 2015 which had had thousands of casualties and millions of shelter destroyed. The journey in voluntourism will not be exactly a  vacation but will also be a complete work program as the visit to remote places will provide for the adventure aspect and also make the visitors view the magnificent landscapes along with the prime objective to help those in need and support the program. The learning of the culture and the lifestyle of the regions and the communities could also be experienced as the warm and cohesive nature of the Nepalese people will make the visitor a part of their group.
Also the opportunity to contribute through many activities along with the local communities is also available like construction of temporary houses, schools, shed for the animals, barricades etc., the skills and knowledge could also be passed on to the people and children in remote areas for the their interdependency and competency in life and proper tips and knowledge in health related subjects and cleanliness as hygiene is the most sensitive issue in the remote areas. Training programs could also be organized along with the already operating programs and organization with permission from the authority for the above mentioned topics.

People travel to the similar region for the purpose of adventure and thrill, but volutourism gets you the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment of helping other who requires it. After all, the act of giving is the most prestigious of all. This visit to Nepal pack your bag pack along with the will to volunteer.

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