February 24, 2016

What makes Nepal so special in tourism and what we know about it?

Many adventure seeker and travelers have set their must visit destinations but is this resolution only limited to such journey lovers? Any but all people who have the desire for thrill and adventure or even want to get in touch with their nature loving side should have Nepal as one of the must visit sites. While the conventional idea of Nepal as a country of mountain ranges still stands today, the transformation from this convention has already been seen in many specialized aspects in tourism. The focal point of Nepal tourism has shifted from mountain ranges and landscapes to adventure & thrill, cultural and religious practices/learning, safari and wildlife study, etc. which is understandable due to the diversity in the geographical, cultural, religious and biological aspect of the country.
While there is a common misconception that Nepal lacks in exotic and luxurious accommodation and sites which is also a prime source of attraction to many foreign as well as domestic tourists, people fail to realize that there are many quality accommodations and service industries which provides internationally standardized services if not better. The fact that only a minute fraction of the country’s total area has been developed and a large section of Nepal is still in its naturally preserved state, acts as a plus point for those interested in observing the natural habitat and unaltered environment.
Mount Everest being the world’s highest peak in the world is admired as well as desired by many pursuing the sport of mountain climbing. The fact that it is the world’s highest peak is enough to allure adventure seekers and the beauty of the landscape makes them irresistibly drawn to it. Nepal holds a record of residing the highest 10 mountains of the world beside mount K2 which makes Nepal a hub for climbers and trekkers. The diversity of flora and fauna has also contributed to the tourism, in fact the number of birdwatching, safari and wildlife study has rapidly been increasing since the late 90’s. Nepal is inhabited by some of the world’s rarest animals and birds like Bengal tiger, one horned rhinoceros, leopards, crocodiles, rocky pythons, grey elephants, spiny babbler, lophophorus and many more.
Nepal being culturally rich, people can find several destination where people follow various bipolar practices, fashion, ideologies and traditions. While destinations like Pokhara and Kathmandu is famous for the influence of western culture, in other regions the Nepalese culture and tradition are in practice. Pokhara and Kathmandu specializes in nightlife offering western music, opportunity to socialize etc. whereas other parts of the region are completely polar which consists of conservative ideologies and traditional practices unlike that in the above mentioned cities. You can participate in the traditions of Nepalese community as the Nepalese people are very friendly and can easily be familiar with the practices and the traditions that’s completely different to yours.
The experiences you gather could not only be diverse but also leave you with an imprint of Nepal which will last forever.

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