November 15, 2016

“Best Value Destination of the world”

Nepal is only destination in South Asia that has been featured in Lonely Planet’s Top Ten Destinations Guidebook.
Lonely Planet says, "Even natural disasters can’t keep Nepal down for long. The 2015 earthquakes caused devastation, but what is most striking from a traveler’s perspective is not how much was lost but how much remains.”
 “Nepal has all the skills required to repair monuments and infrastructure, but what it does need is income. By visiting Nepal now and supporting local culture and people, you could help a nation rebuild and bounce back even stronger."
2015 devastating earthquake has smashed some of the heritages and trekking route too. Now, reconstruction and renovation of most of the heritages has been completed and local are enthusiastically welcoming the guest. As, Nepal believes in “Guest as God”- “Atithi Devo Vawa”.

Meantime, here are so many trails open for adventurous lovers and your support for rebuild Nepal is really precious. Make your trip worthwhile visiting the heavenly Nepal.  

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